Gosford City Bowl, Central Coast NSW Australia.

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Last updated 9th November 2000

Elite Singles has been established at Gosford City Bowl for well over 10 years and over those years has featured some of the best Tenpin bowling talent on the Coast.

The current format has 14 players bowling 4 games head to head over 3 rounds, points are scored under the peterson point system, that is; 1 point for a win, 1/2 point for a draw,0 for a loss, also each player receives 1 point for each 100 pins bowled.

Example; Player A. wins 3 of 4 games and bowls a 818 series, they get 3 points for their wins and 8.18 points for their series for a total of 11.18 pts.

Each week whoever bowls the highest series and high game gets $5 for each added to their prize fund. At the end of the season every player is paid with the eventual winner walking away with over $1000. Not much by golf or tennis standards but handy just the same.


Well, coming into the last round the top 3 are still only separated by 31/2 points, so I guess it will all come down to the last round.

It has been a very good season with a lot of bowlers achieving personal bests, the high moment of the league was definatly Steve Astill bowling his first 300.

My boys and I have moved to Astro Lanes at Bateau Bay for their thursday night scratch singles, so watch this space as I hope to continue this page from there.(with a different name,of course.)

I urge all Elite Singles bowlers to email,fax or write to the TBA and ask them to tell us what is going on. All we are hearing is rumours and stories, now some maybe true or they may not we don't know because the people who have the information are not passing it on.

Email them at info@tenpin.org.au or visit their website at www.tenpin.org.au. I'm hoping these addresses are correct,they may have left town.

And now to pass on a few more rumours.(1) AMF (AUST) has financed the TBA to the tune of $75,000.oo.(2) As of the 1st July 2000 there are no such things as free awards.(3) The age for juniors will not rise to under 20. a metting will be held on the 16th October but it looks like not changing. (4) Junior Nationals from 2002 will be held in January with the possibility of it being held in conjuction with the adults sometime in the future. (5) The TBA has moved to Queensland into the QTBA offices.


Stephen Morton 222 228 203

Lex De Bock 210 209 225

Michael Georgiades 214 215

Steve Astill 207

Chris Dwyer 225 207

Nick Low (subing for Phil Astill) 226 256 214

Matt Tanner 224 205

Chick Elliot 206 203


Stephen Morton 222


Lex De Bock/Stephen Morton 826

Although Nick Low bowled a higher game (256) and a higher series (875) as a sub he cannot claim either.