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Elite Singles

Gosford City Bowl, Central Coast NSW Australia.

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Results from Round 3 Week 38

Stephen Morton v Bill Crow

Stephen 4 wins 12.26pts

Bill 0 wins 6.68pts

Lex De Bock v Michael Georgiades

Lex 3 wins 11.26pts

Mike 1 win 8.85pts

Alison Brennan v Steve Astill

Alison 2 wins 8.49pts

Steve 2 wins 8.52pts

Chris Dwyer v Glenn Saul

Chris 2 wins 9.65pts

Glenn 2 wins 9.07pts

Brett Johnson v Nick Low (sub for Phil Astill)

Brett 0 wins 6.17pts

Nick 4 wins 12.75pts

Matt Tanner v Chick Elliot

Matt 3 wins 10.97pts

Chick 1 win 8.72pts

Bill Nissen v Donald Walton

Bill 3 wins 10.08pts

Don 1 win 7.98pts

LANE DRAW FOR 13th November 2000 (the last week)

9&10 Matt Tanner v Brett Johnson

11&12 Chick Elliot v Chris Dwyer

13&14 Don Walton v Stephen Morton

15&16 Phil Astill v Steve Astill

17&18 Bill Nissen v Glenn Saul

19&20 Lex De Bock v B.Crow/M.Garbutt

21&22 C.Purdue/M.Georgiades v Alison Brennan