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Gosford City Bowl, Central Coast NSW Australia.

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Meet The Players

Name: Alison Brennan. Age: 18

Bowls Right-Handed

High Game: 279

High 4 Game Series: 820

Rep Honours: Central Coast Rep 1996-1997, NSW Central President Shield Rep 1998-2000, Central Coast Sport Young Person of the Year 2000.

Titles: 1999 Central Coast Junior Girls Bowler of the Year.

Name: Brett Johnson. Age: 28

Bowls Right-Handed

High Game: 289

High 4 Game Series: 946

Rep Honours: NSW Presidents Shield Member 1990.

Titles: Watch this Space

Name: Steve Astill. Age: 17

Bowls Right-Handed

High Game: 300

High 4 Game Series: 950

Rep Honours: Central Coast Junior Rep 1997, 1998, 2000.

Titles: Watch this Space.

Name: Donald Walton. Age:28

Bowls Left-Handed

High Game: 300

High 4 Game Series: 1058

Rep Honours: Northern Country Challenge team member for Mayfield.

Titles: 1995 Newcastle Open Masters Champion.

(Donald refused to have his photo taken and shown left is an artist's impression.)

Name: Bill Crow. Age:50

Bowls Right-Handed.

High Game: 279

High 4 Game Series: 968

Rep Honours: Norther Country Challenge Team Member for Gosford.

Titles: 1994 Central Coast Adult Graded Masters Champion. 1998 Gosford Open Masters Champion.